How to make Money Buying and Selling Things

There are many people that make money buying and selling things and it can be a fun and easy thing to do. You do not need any training or special skills which means that anyone can do it. There are just a few simple steps and you can get started. Decide what to sell, there are lots of things we could potentially sell but there will be some limiting factors on what you can sell specifically. This is because you will want to know a bit about what you are selling so that you can check out the quality and know what exactly to buy. You will also need to store the items and if they are big you will need a lot more space than if they are small, so think about what you have space for. You will also have to pay for them and if they are too expensive you will not be able to afford them.

Find the Stock

Once you have decided what sort of thing you want to sell, you will need to find a supplier. This will mean finding someone you can buy the items from. You will need to think about profits at this point and make sure that you are not paying more than necessary for an item, but you will also need to make sure that you are buying items that are good value for money. If it is too cheap it might be broken when it reaches you or when it gets to the customer and this will not be ideal. You might be okay with selling cheap things, but consider whether you want a reputation for selling cheap or whether you would rather get a reputation for selling quality items. Also think about what country it comes from and whether you want to buy from there, pay the import duty and postage, and whether you are happy with the environmental cost of buying from a distance away.

Decide on the Price

Pricing can be tricky. You must charge enough to make a profit or else you may as well not bother at all. This means making back what you paid for the item but also covering any other costs such as payment processing fees, website costs, packaging and postage and things like this and leaving some extra to pay yourself. You want to be competitive but you need to make sure that you are not selling items so cheaply that customers assume that they will be poor quality and not buy them. The price you can charge may also be influenced by where you sell the item. It can be wise to look at places that also sell those items or similar ones and see what they charge to think about what you should be charging.

Find Somewhere to Sell it

There are different choices for selling. You could sell online or offline or both. You could sell in a shop you set up (either a physical one or off a website) or in someone else’s. Consider the costs of all of these so that you can decide on what the best option will be for your budget but also consider what will work for your potential customers. You may want to choose a selection of places so that you have more chance of getting customers.


It is important not to forget about marketing. People need to know that you are out there and that you are selling things. Think about how you will promote yourself and what you are selling to your potential customers to get lots of sales. Without sales you will not be able to buy more stock and continue the business as you will not be able to cover your costs and you will not be able to pay yourself. So, make sure you work hard at this bit.

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