We are here to help you. We want to make sure that everyone has a good chance of being able to manage their money really well. This is the reason that this website has information on it. We hope that the information will help everyone in some way to find it easier to manage their money. Managing our finances is something that we are not taught very often as it was not taught in schools and parents often did not teach their children about it. Unless we have read a useful book or talked to someone who can help us, then we may just be guessing really, when it comes to money. We think that this is unfair and we want to address the problem. Therefore, we have put together helpful information which should help people to organise their money better. We want people to more confident with money, to know what to do so that they do not run out of money and to make the right decisions when they are borrowing and saving. Therefore, we hope that the information that we are providing will be really helpful and provide useful tips for everyone, whether they know nothing about money or lots about it, there should be something that will help everyone.