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Limited time offer

Existing Customers: Click here to update your property profile

New Customers: Click here to list your property now! (create account when prompted) is offering property owners the opportunity to list properties in the UK's largest online, commission free, property rental database.

Click here to list your property. Free listings are available for a limited time, so now is a great opportunity to see what can offer you!

Why use ?

By reducing the need for rental companies, home owners will see greater income potential by cutting agent commissions. provides a unique service whereby owners and property managers directly receive referrals from interested clients. Each property maintains its own web page including a short, easy to use web address. HolidayHomeRental offers a state of the art key word creation system, ensuring higher search engine placement and greater property exposure.

Why do home owners use us ?

  • No commission + world wide exposure = more money for owners
    Traditional real estate agents typically charge 20% commission for each rental transaction incurred on a property. That amounts to a significant cost to homeowners. HolidayHomeRental is completely commission FREE and there is NO charge to activate your account. Beginning in the Summer of 2006, HolidayHomeRental will begin charging an annual service fee. Please click here for available service options.
  • Year-round exposure = more rentals is the perfect place to advertise your property throughout the year. Many property owners concentrate on renting properties during the peak summer season, without realizing there is a market year round. Rental-clients may choose off-peak times to receive a better rate. The service specifically markets all its registered properties for rent, not just the UK, but globally.
  • Intelligent Availability calendar offers all of its members an online calendar. The calendar allows clients to visually see all available property dates. Property owners may also set up black-out dates well in advance.
  • Last minute deals
    If you have a property which has not been booked, you can offer it at a reduced rate of your choice as a "last minute deal".
  • Built-in property management system allows you to forward requests to another person
    If property owners prefer not to manage their own property and would like to share the task with someone else, can set up your profile to forward referrals to an additional email address. Remember each referral is another potential customer wishing to rent your property.
  • Property swap
    Owners can indicate in their property profile an interest in swapping their house with another ‘like’ house. For example, if you would like a week away, why not swap houses with someone who lives in a similar house in the US Virgin Islands? would allow the interested clients to work out any details, but the first easy step is to indicate an interest in such a swap.
  • TV/FILM location
    Clients have the opportunity for their property to be used as a film set. Simply click the relevant box in your property profile. Film/TV producers can use our website in their search for locations for films or shows.


Why do holidaymakers use us?
  • Potential savings
    Holidaymakers who use negotiate directly with property owners and can take advantage of the non-commission aspect of the rental.

  • Last minute deals
    One of the most popular features of our site is the ‘last-minute deal’ feature. Owners who have availability offer properties at discounts. Property owners can advertise reduced rates and rental clients can search for a "last-minute deal".
  • Advanced search functionality
    Find the property you want by using our search tool and viewing photos posted by owners. Rental clients can search by multiple criteria to filter out properties they are not interested in. For example, a search could simply be by city or for a more “Advanced Search” all requirements could be entered (i.e. date and price ranges, smoking/non-smoking, pets allowed, amenities, sea view, and more).
Frequently asked questions:

I have an agent who deals with all my rentals, why do I need you?’s owners faced the same dilemma but ended up using both! You can continue to use an agent but have the flexibility to book on your own as well. By booking yourself, you can negotiate a lower commission rate from the property manager or rental agent for any referrals, which the owner sends their way. After all, if you find the rental client, why should they get their full commission? In addition, typical estate agents tend to aggressively book properties in the summer/peak season when your property is most in demand. Our website aggressively promotes your property as a holiday destination to a global audience all year round.

I have more than one property, what should I do?

You can list as many properties as you wish. If you have multiple properties in the same building which are identical e.g. 5 * “2 bedroom, 1 bathroom flats” and the photos are the same, you can advertise them under a single listing. However, if you have more than one property with a different number of bedrooms or bathrooms and/or are significantly different in any other way, you must list them individually. This will generate a much higher exposure rate for your property and therefore a higher likelihood of better search results, while also retaining the integrity of the search results for the user.

I already have the next 6 months fully booked, so why would I want to do this?

By advertising with, you are maximising your renting potential. It is never too early to market your property for the next year: many holiday-makers book their properties 6-12 months in advance. Remember, you don’t have to pay a commission so why not pre-book. Also, you may end up getting more bookings in the off-season.

I only have paper photos (I do not have digital ones) – is there anything I can do?

Simple, mail a copy of them to the address below and include a stamped self-addressed envelope. We will scan and upload them to the website for you (all part of the service). Once we have scanned the photographs, we will return them in the envelope you enclosed. Mail to:
12 Clemens Close
United Kingdom

If my property is one of many on your website, how can I achieve a higher listing? has an "Intelligent Weighting System" which utilizes an algorithm that allows us to rank the order of property results based on a mixture of the following items:

  • Number of photos uploaded (max is 12 photos)
  • Details in the property description (more details, means higher weighting)
  • Providing a link to your own website
  • Linking from your own website back to our website (weighted very highly)
  • Calendar availability updated (highest weighting for a calendar which has been updated within the past 60 days)
  • Date in which the owner first logged in and updated their profile (higher weighting for longer standing members)
  • Having a virtual tour of your property

Welcome to!

We look forward to welcoming you to the network. Click here to add or update your property listing and start receiving referrals immediately!




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