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I already have an agent, why do I need you?

Property owners can continue to use an agent, but HolidayHomeRental allows owners the flexibility to reserve their own bookings. By booking yourself, you can negotiate a lower commission rate from the property manager or rental agent for any referrals, which the owner sends their way. After all, if you find the rental client, why should they get their full commission? In addition, typical estate agents tend to aggressively book properties in the summer/peak season when your property is most in demand. Our website promotes your property as a holiday destination to a global audience all year round.

I have multiple properties, what should I do?

You can list as many properties as you wish. We do have a policy whereby a single listing can not advertise multiple properties. The only exception to this is where the other properties are identical in everyway. If this is the case, you should still advertise the single property, but you can mention in the description how this is one of several identical properties.

If you have many properties which are similar, it is important to list them in a way that does not make them look like duplicate listings. We have created a button called "Duplicate Listing" which will create an exact copy of an existing listing. You can then easily edit the listing to change the number of bedrooms or bathrooms etc. as well as the lead photo and opening paragraph (this must be done so it doesn't look like a duplicate when someone searches for that area).

I'm fully booked, so why would I want to do this?

By advertising with us, you are maximising your renting potential. It is never too early to market your property for the next year: many holiday-makers book their properties 6-12 months in advance. Remember, you don’t have to pay a commission so why not pre-book. Also, you may end up getting more bookings in the off-season.

I only have paper photos (I do not have digital ones) – is there anything I can do?

Simple, mail a copy of them with your name, e-mail address and phone number to the address below and include a stamped self-addressed envelope. We will scan and upload them to the website for you (all part of the service). Once we have scanned the photographs, we will return them in the envelope you enclosed. Mail to:
12 Clemens Close
United Kingdom

How can I achieve a higher listing?

Whenever you search for a property on our website, there are usually many properties which match your criteria. We are often asked "In what order are the properties displayed?". To address this question as ell as provide an incentive for property owners/managers to produce quality listings, we have developed a "Property Points" system.

Whenever you search on our site and are presented with more than one property, the listings with the most points appear at the top (they are displayed in point order).

Our "Property Points" system is a unique method of rewarding property owners/managers for quality listings. The more information which has been provided by the owner/manager, the better the experience for the rental client, the more referrals will be generated and therefore the higher you will appear in the search results.

Click here to see how the property points are calculated

How many photos should I upload?

Our records indicate you will receive 6 times the number of referrals by having at leas two photos than by having none. There is no cost or limit to the number of photos you can list with us and infact we have offered free Property Points to those who have uploaded photos.

How much text should I have on my listing?

The rule of thumb is "the more the better". Search engines love unique, natural text. The more text you add, the more likely you are to score an additional hit with the search engines and receive that extra referral. Remember not to limit yourself to text about your property, try adding a heading "Local Attractions" and add more info about the surrounding area. Even by including directions from a main junction, you are likely to name lots of roads and place names which again will score highly in the search engines. Since text is so important, we are giving 2 free "Property Points" for every 50 words of text you have in your description.

Where did you find my property information?

We source from many areas including magazines and other websites. If you have your own website, we most likely found your information from there.

How much will you charge after the free period?

The pricing begins at £39 for a property listing for a one year period. Click here to view our full price plan and our unique property points system.

How do I link to my availability calendar from my website?

Go to the Property Owners page and then click on the Availability link for the respective property. At the bottom of the Availability page, you'll see it says "Link to your availability calendar from your own website!" - By copying the link to your clipboard, you can then paste it into your website to link to. If you are not familiar with updating your website, paste the link into an e-mail and e-mail it to your webmaster. You can always e-mail us if you have any questions about this.

Welcome to!

We look forward to welcoming you to the network. Click here to add or update your property listing and start receiving referrals immediately!

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