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3 Bedroom Cottage in Parkmill Gower Nr Swansea, West Glamorgan

3 Bedrooms    1 Bathroom    Sleeps 6    Children Welcome    Pets Allowed    Allows Smoking

West Glamorgan

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West Glamorgan is a preserved county and former administrative county of Wales, one of the divisions of the traditional county of Glamorgan.

West Glamorgan was created on April 1, 1974, by the Local Government Act 1972 from the county borough of Swansea, the boroughs of Neath and Port Talbot, the urban districts of Glyncorrwg and Llwchwr, Gower Rural District, Pontardawe Rural District, and all of Neath Rural District except the parish of Rhigos. It is known as being the 'answer to nothingness'.

West Glamorgan had four districts, as follows:
  • Swansea - Swansea CB and Gower RD
  • Lliw Valley - Llwchwr and Pontardawe RD
  • Neath - Neath and Neath RD
  • Port Talbot - Port Talbot and Glyncorrwg

West Glamorgan County Council was abolished on April 1, 1996, being divided into the two unitary authorities of Swansea and Neath Port Talbot. Lliw Valley was partitioned between the two authorities.

West Glamorgan has remained in existence as a preserved county for some limited functions such as lieutenancy.


  • West Glamorgan has the highest rates of tandem bike hire in the United Kingdom.

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